Delay Spray

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  • Package Component:1X Delay Spray
  • Ingredients: Natural and Pure Herbal Extract, Main ingredients: Water, Spunlace non-woven cloth, Cnidium monnleri extract, Clove extract, Purple flower extract, Cinnamon extract
  • Net content: 15ml, effect time duration: 60mins
  • Helps to reduce sensitivity and help to delay ejaculation


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Effect: Time prolonging, body strengthening and sperm producing, restraining premature ejaculation, prolonging the time of making love, passion and desire stimulating, exciting nerve and preventing the transmission of diseases.

Usage and Dosage: After cleaning the genitalia, spray this product against the glans and the coronary ditch parts for 2-3times 30 minutes before making love (dosage is closely correlated with prolonging effect. Please appreciably adjust the dosage as per the self sensitivity and comfortableness within such scope), and the medicine liquid should be equality daubed on the glans, and coronary ditch parts, which cannot be sprayed into the urethral orifice, the effect will be lasted for 60mins


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