China Brush

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China Brush is a rich blend of Chinese herbs combined to create an amazingly potent premature ejaculation remedy.

Men have been using this unique liquid in Asia for years to prolong their erections and increase sexual activity and vitality.

The active ingredient is Korean Ginseng, a supplement many use to boost their energy and endurance levels.

Apply to the shaft of the penis 30 minutes – 2 hours before intercourse.

Avoid solution coming in contact with eyes or mouth.

One bottle gives around 15 applications.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Ingredients: fructus cindii, cortex cinnamomi, flos caryophylli, rhizoma alpiniae officinarum, rhizoma atractylodis, pericapium zanthoxyli, radix angelicae dahuricae.

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China Brush, also known by the tongue-twister name of Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution, is an unusual desensitizing product to help men delay ejaculation.

The main appeal is that it contains natural ingredients, instead of the usual pharmaceutical anesthetics like Lidocaine or Benzocaine.

The good news is that it has helped many last more longer during sex, for up to 60 minutes and more.
This product helps men achieve the kind of staying power that satisfies even the most demanding partner. Fast acting for impressive prowess and staying power on demand.


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